Home Intuition 1-Way Stamped Face Air Register, White, 10" x 8"
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Home Intuition 1-Way Stamped Face Air Register, White, 10" x 8"


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Vent covers are an essential part of any ventilation system, allowing you to redirect the airflow from your HVAC unit to where it is needed most. Make your home more comfortable, control how much you spend on your monthly heating/cooling bill, and elevate the appearance of the room with Home Intuition Ceiling Vent Covers.<br><br>AVAILABLE STYLES:<br><br>1-Way<br>2-Way<br>3-Way<br>4-Way<br><br>AVAILABLE SIZES (INCHES):<br><br>6 x 6 (3-way and 4-way only)<br>8 x 4<br>8 x 6<br>6 x 6<br>10 x 4<br>10 x 6<br>10 x 8<br>12 x 4<br>12 x 6<br>12 x 8<br><br>COMPATIBLE WITH: Home Intuition Heat Deflectors<br><br>EASY ADJUST AIRFLOW LEVER<br><br>Stamped face steel construction features 1/2-inch fin spacing for high airflow. Includes a sliding lever to adjust the damper for more or less ventilation. Choose to open the vent, close it completely, or leave it partially open. Redirect warm or cool air where it is most needed. For rooms that don’t see much foot traffic, keep vents closed. In rooms that require major heating or cooling, leave the vents open.<br><br>RENOVATE AND UPDATE<br><br>Are you sick of looking at ugly, functional grates with no charm or personality? Update your home and make an impression on any room with these modern, white steel grilles. Powder coated finish resists flaking, scratching, and fading. Sleek design remains hidden from direct sight. Perfect for installing in ceilings and sidewalls.<br><br>ABOUT US<br><br>Since its inception in 2013, Home Intuition has become a symbol of fulfillment in the housewares industry. Delivering that satisfying and organized feeling not only through product, but more importantly with service. Created in their basement with no more than a laptop and just a container of general housewares, our co-founders sought to build a different kind of company. Despite humble beginnings, Home Intuition has matured into a fully diversified, multi-channel re-seller with global exposure.<br><br>Home Intuition<br>"Your Home Starts Here"

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