Home Intuition Clear Stackable 2 Dozen Egg Tray Holder Bin for Refrigerator with Lid, Stores 24 Eggs
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Home Intuition Clear Stackable 2 Dozen Egg Tray Holder Bin for Refrigerator with Lid, Stores 24 Eggs

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Organize Your Fridge to Perfection & Forget All About Messy Eggy Accidents With the Handiest Egg Holder by Home Intuition!

Have you ever watched an egg just slipping out of your fridge shelf and break on the floor, creating a total, smelly and -quite hard to clean- mess?

No matter if you are using store-bought eggs or if you are lucky enough to have your chickens laying the freshest eggs for you, the sure thing is that these delicious flimsy kitchen staples need their very own place

Step Up Your Egg-Organizing Game With the Most Practical Egg Holder for the Countertop or the Refrigerator. You Have 7 Eggceptional Reasons to do So!

24 SLOTS FOR PLENTY OF EGGS: You can securely store up to 2 dozen eggs in just one tray [Dimensions: 12.75 x 8.5 x 3 in.]

SUITABLE FOR ALL EGG SIZES: From smaller to larger eggs, this smart container can accommodate all your needs

REMOVABLE LID: Perfect for protecting your eggs and prolonging their freshness

BPA-FREE MATERIAL: Food-grade plastic for you and your family’s safety

STACKABLE DESIGN: Ideal even for smaller fridges or for those who need more than 1 tray

CLEAR PLASTIC: Easier to check on your eggs and durable enough to last a lifetime

BUILT-IN HANDLE: Great for easy carrying and preventing the tray from slipping out of your hands

Simple, Practical, Timeless – The Perfect Way to Make Your Kitchen Routine Just a Tad Easier!

From preparing a quick breakfast, some fancy eggs for brunch, tasty omelets or just baking your goodies, eggs are always needed

Now, you can easily access any of your eggs, organize them in terms of freshness or just keep them well protected from dropping or breaking all with just one simple product

Let’s Give Your Eggs a Lovely New Home
  • THE PERFECT HOME FOR 2 DOZEN EGGS: Designed to keep your eggs well protected and save space in your fridge, this super practical egg bin can hold up to 24 eggs of any size, all at once. Sturdy, durable and with a build-in handle, with this amazing egg tray you can forget all about flimsy carton holders, messy accidents, and broken eggs!
  • WITH A REMOVABLE LID FOR FRESHER EGGS: This handy acrylic egg holder comes with a removable lid that helps your eggs retain their freshness all while keeping them well shielded against breakage. With the lid in place you won’t have to worry about weird odors passing from one product to another. Plus, it works great as countertop egg holder or as a hard-boiled egg tray
  • BPA FREE PLASTIC: QUALITY & DURABILITY COMBINED: Made of the highest quality BPA-Free material, this large egg tray is a perfectly healthy, safe choice for you and your family. Thanks to its super sturdy plastic construction, this egg organizer for fridge will always stay in great condition. You may even wash it as a regular tray and reuse it for years to come and go
  • CLEAR PLASTIC & EASY ACCESS FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE: With this clear egg holder you can easily check how many eggs you have left with just a quick look. Super easy to access even during the busiest mornings when you need to reach your eggs, the Home Intuition egg container is equally handy for breakfast preparation, cakes, cooking or any other eggcelent recipe!
  • STACKABLE DESIGN EVEN FOR THE SMALLEST KITCHENS: Measuring just 12.75 x 8.5 x 3 inches, your new plastic egg carton can easily fit in any fridge without taking up much of your space. Its stackable design even allows to store more trays on top of it. Well, and if you prefer to keep your eggs on the countertop or your pantry, this sleek-looking egg bin can do that for you too!

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