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Home Intuition 2-Pack Self Stick Foam Insulation Tape Adhesive, Weather Stripping Seal for Doors and Windows, Water Proof, 10 Feet,Weatherstrip,Air Conditioning Seal,Sound Proof Soundproofing, Black


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Update Your Home Improvement Kit With The Most Versatile Self-Adhesive Sponge Rubber Strip By Home Intuition - The Smart Way To….







…Any door and window of your home, office or car!

Save Precious Energy, Reduce Noise & Get The Most Of Your Home All Year Round With Just One Smart, Easy & Effective Solution: A Self-Stick Foam Sealing Strip!

Non-slip, with minimum compression and an ultra-strong adhesive that passes the test of time, your new weatherstrip is extremely easy to use for a variety of uses, including:

Insulating your door and window gaps to prevent energy loss

Sealing hermetically any door gaps to prevent drafts

Soundproofing any room or office space by sealing door gaps

Blocking dust and dirt from entering through the cracks

Shielding your leaking windows from raindrops

Stopping doors from slamming

Sealing any gap where dust tends to accumulate (like the bottom of the washing machine, dishwasher, cupboards, wardrobes)

Reducing the squealing and whistling sound on your car or home window

A variety of applications for marine and automotive uses

Cushioning your face shield or work goggles for better protection and advanced comfort – Perfect for Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Nurses and Doctors

No Tools, No Drilling, No Mess. Peel - Stick - Done. It’s That Easy!

Weather-stripping your home does not have to be a hassle. With this flexible, super durable, non-slip and shock absorbent sponge rubber foam tape you can keep your home free of cold drafts, dust and noise in seconds.

Simple clean the area that needs sealing, measure and cut the tape to the desired length, peel off the film and stick the tape.

Thanks to its dense, spongy foamy synthesis, you will instantly notice the difference!

Reduce Energy Loss, Noise & Dust. Now You Know How. Order Yours Today!
  • INSULATE YOUR DOORS & WINDOWS IN SECONDS: Save valuable energy and preserve the temperature of any room with this strong sponge rubber foam strip that shields any door and window from wind and draft. Perfect for air-sealing your home to prevent wasting precious heating and cooling energy -and money- with just a small and smart addition.
  • SOUNDPROOF ANY ROOM, CAR, WINDOW & MORE: Thick and durable, this sponge rubber strip works wonders on soundproofing any room to provide a more peaceful environment. Suitable for your office room, bedroom, bathroom or any place room that could use some silence. Great also for your car window and doors to avoid annoying squealing and whistling sounds!
  • EASY TO USE: NON-SLIP & SUPER STRONG ADHESIVE TAPE: Thanks to its super strong self-stick design, this weatherseal strip is easy to apply on any surface and stay in place for years to come. Its non-slip, dense quality with minimum compression sponge foam ensures maximum durability and top performance for any home-improvement project.
  • HEAVY-DUTY SEALING FOR PROFESSIONAL USE: Shock absorbent and ultra-effective, you may even use this foam tape even for many quick automotive and marine boat fixes. A great use for speakers, subwoofers, doors, and windows. Available in different sizes (in width, length, and thickness) to cover all your different needs. [1-1/4" X 7/16" X10']
  • ENDLESS AMOUNT OF USES – GREAT EVEN FOR YOUR FACE SHIELD: This super versatile sponge tape can be utilized to seal any gap in your house, even under your washing machine, dishwasher and wardrobes. It also works as furniture pads to prevent dents and scratches on your floors. Plus, it can even be used on your face-shield for an extra layer of cushioning and comfortable wear for a prolonged time.

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